Ah, summertime. Time to kick back in the shade, hang out on the beach, and enjoy your favorite craft beers. Its also an opportunity to get out and enjoy some beer festivals. For those of you who have already attended a beer festival, this probably needs no further explanation, but for those of you who haven’t attended one, let us explain to you what makes them so awesome.
Beer festivals are a great way to get a sense of the local beer scene. Festivals are typically set up to allow you to taste a number of beers from different breweries in one central location. You simply buy a ticket to get in and away you go tasting beers. While beer festivals can have any sort of theme attached with them, they’re generally going to celebrate a specific place and local breweries around that place. That means that you have the opportunity to taste a bunch of your local beers in one easy spot. Or, if you’re traveling, you can get a sense of another region’s beers in one quick event.
Beer festivals also inspire some serious creativity from breweries. Many breweries will serve up specialty brews at a festival that typically aren’t available at the brewery. These beers usually celebrate the specific season when the festival is held and you can be assured they will hit the spot.
Festivals also give you a great opportunity to interact with the folks who make your beer. Most breweries send their senior brewers to the festivals and so you get a chance to connect with them about why they are so passionate about their beer and what inspires them to brew it.  
But let’s be honest, at their core beer festivals are an awesome excuse to go to a party. You’ll be surrounded by hundreds of beer enthusiasts tasting delicious craft beers, and what could be better than that?