Cooking with Craft Beer - IPA Ginger Steak and IPA Pear Vinaigrette

Since you’re on Loyale, we know you love craft beer. Since you’re a human being, we know you love food. So, we thought we’d start to look at the overlap of craft beer and food. There’s a lot of different ways that the two overlap, and we’ll be exploring that intersection in future blogs and emails, but today we wanted to share a killer recipe to use.
Now, since you love craft beer, you already know about the amazing, and unique flavors, that go into any beer. No two craft beers are going to taste exactly alike because they’re each hand crafted to highlight certain flavor notes. When cooking with craft beer, its important to take note of the flavors that are going to come through with cooking. For example a darker beer, like a porter, generally has a sweet, malty, toasted flavor and will pair perfectly with sweeter vegetables (caramelize your onions with a porter, its delicious!). Hoppy beers, like an IPA, have distinctly bitter flavors and you have to be delicate in how you pair it with food.

Which brings us to our recipe:

It all starts with the beer! Grab a nice hoppy IPA from your local craft brewery. You will need at least a six-pack or a growler full.
Step 1: Pour yourself a nice beer and enjoy!
Step 2: Cut the steak into 1/2 inch thick slices
Step 3: Have some more beer
Step 3: Prepare marinade
Step 4: Marinate steak for at least 2 hours
Step 4: Marinate yourself with a little IPA
Step 5: Grill, pan sear, or skewer and broil until medium
The Steak:
1-Pound Sliced Steak (locally sourced and grass-fed where possible)
The Marinade:
2-Ounces of your favorite hoppy IPA
The Juice from 1 Medium Lemon
1-Teaspoon Diced Ginger
1-Tablespoon Olive Oil
2-Teaspoons Soy Sauce
1-Teaspoon Honey (or brown sugar)
Pinch of Salt
Pinch of Pepper
Again, you are going to want an IPA bursting with hops, some quality vinegar and olive oil.
The Vinaigrette: (Makes ~ 1/2 Cup)
3-Tablespoons of your favorite hoppy IPA
3-Tablespoons Champagne Vinaigrette
3-Tablespoons Olive Oil
The Juice from 1 Medium Lemon
2-Teaspoons Honey (or brown sugar)
1/2-Teaspoon Diced Ginger
1/4 Medium Sized Pear Diced (Bosc, Seckel, or Forelle)
Salt and Pepper to Taste
Blend all ingredients except for the IPA together for 10-20 seconds. Stir in the IPA and serve.